Sweet Mistake is a Food Truck that will have a very big effect on Melbournians. Expect to see us all over Melbourne at Festivals, Events, even Private Functions so everyone can experience our Desserts.

Sweet Mistake specializes in Greek Authentic Desserts that are freshly made on the day , especially our Loukoumades that are made-to-order and taste like no other. Emphasizing on our respect to our Traditional Greek recipes that go back many generations, we are going to be giving our customers exactly what all of Greece grew up with…. HOMEMADE DESSERTS, using only the very best natural ingredients.

Sweet Mistake will also give you the chance to taste other Traditional Greek Desserts that have not yet been made in a Food Truck. We will definitely be the subject of  conversations with your friends and at social events, so make sure you experience the taste of our Desserts so you know what you are talking about.

Some Mistakes are meant to be made!